21 February 2018

Personalized Baby Gift items | Singapore

Look, we know you are probably going for a baby shower celebration for a newborn baby soon. And you are looking for a some gifts to bring along to the party. 

Or you maybe a parent excited about the new joy in the home and you want to get some clothing or necessity for him or her. 

So we come up with some baby items in store that can be customized through embroidery work with the name of the baby boy or girl sewn on. Most parents will be delighted to see their baby kids put on something that has their name proudly sewn on. And you will be glad you got something customized for them. It will be a gift that standout.

Take a look at some of the items we have in store for you:

1. Baby Romper, $29.90

Most kids under 1 year old would wear a romper frequently as they have to wear diapers and its probably more convenient for them to wear this. There are many cartoon templates for you to choose from and below is a doggie template and you could see that we can embroider any name on it. We can do chinese characters too.

Sizes available are 0-3mths, 3-6mths, 6-12mths. Available in white color only.

Baby Romper with doggie and name

2. Baby bib, $12.90

Won't this bibs look cute on the baby boy or girl? We have 3 animal designs in total for you to choose from: cat, doggie and giraffe.  

2 animal Bibs with name

3. Beanies, $12.90

This baby hat will be great fit and brings a beautiful and unique dress up for the baby! Available in blue and pink color. 

Blue Beanies and white romper

4. Bath towel, $27.90

These 100% cotton towels with name embroidery will sure to be a favorite for the parents to use for the baby's bath time. The photos shows a medium size towel suitable for babies, but there are other available sizes too. Please go to our online store to take a look.

Blue bath towel with Leo cartoon

5. Baby blanket, $39.90

Our fleece baby blankets is large size and soft. Its sure to be a good and warm covering while the the boy or girl have their naps. 

Blue baby blanket with Princess logo

6. Baby Hamper, 99.90

If you are sharing a gift with someone or wanting to get something more for the baby, you might want to consider this baby hamper.

Whats in the hamper ? Baby romper, two towels and a baby blanket, all personalized with the baby's name. This is a valued gift as its 20% off the ala-carte items and free delivery is included.

Hamper wrapped for gift

Hope you like the items that we have recommended. We usually process these quite fast, there is no minimum orders. They will usually be ready for collection or delivery within 1-2 days of your order.

If you like to visit our retail shop, we are located at International plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, Singapore. Open from Monday- Saturday, except holiday.

 Our online shop is : www.thatcornershop.com , there are more customizable products there too for all occasions such as birthdays or weddings too :)

18 August 2017

Personalised Pen Holder in Singapore

4 Pen Holder
Unique Pen Holder

Are you searching for a unique, one of a kind gift ideas?

Check out our new item in store. This is a pen holder with that is personalized with the name of your loved ones.

Teacher's Day and Children's Day celebration is approaching and this will be great gift idea for them. No more boring desk with these colorful holder around, they can put their stationary inside this. We have many customized print templates for you to choose from.  They will be delighted to receive these from you.

Check out for more info on how to order here : Customized Pen Holder | That Corner Shop

2 Pen Holder with stationary inside
Personalised Pen Holder

Many Pen Holder with different prints on them
Color up your desk

For your information:

We, That Corner Shop, is a local gift shop located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, Singapore. 

Feel free to drop by our shop to take a look at our wide array of customized gifts. There is no minimum required, meaning you can buy 1 piece. Most embroidery and printing work can be done within a working day, while laser engraving takes up to 3 days. Our online shop is at www.thatcornershop.com. Thank you for dropping by our blog. :)

29 June 2017

Customized iPhone & iWatch Stand in Singapore

Surprise your loved ones, colleagues, friends with this gift for most occasions!
This iPhone and iWatch stand is made of bamboo wood. The customized  engraving of name and text is done by laser, which produces a very pleasing deep burned mark on the bamboo wood. Let your loved ones be inspired with this at their desk.
Side view of stand
Side profile
iPhone and iWatch Wooden Stand engraved with name and text
Engraving on wooden stand
  • Suitable for : iPhone 6, 6+, 7, 7+ 
  • Suitable for : iWatch 1 & 2 series
  • Engraving takes 2 working days to complete. 
  • Comes with the Stand & Engraving Only. Does not comes with iPhone, iWatch or the charging cables.
You can check it out here at : our online store .

We are located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore. 


15 June 2017

Top Nurses Day Gifts Singapore 2017

3 Pencil pouch with name embroidery
Customized Gifts

Singapore celebrates Nurses' Day on 1 August each year. Some of us would have friends or loved ones who are nurses, or some of us may have received patient care from nurse that we are thankful for. Either way, when we think of how we can acknowledged their work and love for humanity, we can gift them something special to appreciate them.

In this post, we like to recommend some personalised items that they will love:

1) Zippy Pencil Case ($12.90)
As a nurse, they have to handle a fair bit of administrative work, so this pencil case will come in handy for them. It comes with their name embroidered on it and there are many colors for you to choose from. 

And yes, its a unique item that is a made of 1 single zip, its durable and can be used for many years.

Pencil cases with marker pens
Zippy Pencil case

2) Denim Pouch ($18.90)
This pouch is a big size stationary case or can be a cosmetic pouch. Handmade of denim material, it can be printed with the name of the nurse and some text to go along.

Pouch with personalised name printed on it
Customized pouch

Pouch with a lot of stationary in it
Pouch can hold much stationary
3) Sofa cushion ($32.90)
This sofa cushion with customized embroidery will be adored by the nurse. After he or she return home from a day of work, they can hug this as they rest and relax on the sofa.

Blue sofa cushion with nurses day custom embroidery
Sofa Cushion

4) Toiletry bag ($34.90)

This pouch is a large sized and can hold a good number of toiletries which maybe useful for the nurse as they might need to freshen up over the course of their work daily. You can custom embroider their name on it.

Toiletry Bag with name embroidery
Toiletry bag
Bag with a lot of toiletry
Can hold a lot of toiletries

5) Shoe bag ($34.90)
The customized shoe bag comes in 3 colors and will be useful for changing out of shoes after work.

3 shoe bag in blue, pink and brown color
3 colors of shoe bags

Shoe in shoe bag
Good sized bag

6) Bath Towel ($32.90)

Bath towel is a practical everyday item that they will appreciate. Especially when it comes personalized with their name on it. Its made of 100% cotton and absorbs water very well.

Towel with name embroidery
Personalized towel
Towel with name embroidery
Bath Towel

Hope you like our recommendations of gifts. We believe these are unique items that are useful and special. It will hold good memories for your loved ones or friends who are nurses.

If you like to see the physical products , please visit us at our shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson road, Singapore. Otherwise, you can visit our online shop at www.thatcornershop.com. 

Thank you and have a great day!

22 May 2017

Customized baby gifts items Singapore

Pink Baby Beanies on child
Personalized Baby beanie
Isn't this super cute and adorable? This beanie comes in pink and blue, it makes the child look really lovely! Each piece cost $12.90 with the name printed. Aren't you excite that we have another new set of baby items that can be customised. Yippee!

Blue Bib
Pink Bib
These baby bibs will protect the baby clothes from getting dirty while they have their meals. Its comes with custom name embroidery on it. We currently have 3 designs for you to choose from! Each piece cost $12.90 with the name on.

We have other baby items such as Baby blanket, rompers, 

Check out website at www.thatcornershop.com for more of such items. From Baby to adult, we have many different customised items that is unique. We process fast and ensure that you will be satisfied with our service.

Our store is at International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #02-02, Singapore 079903.

Hope you like our collection of gifts and let us know what else you like us to have in store!

20 May 2017

Customized Passport Holder in Singapore

Love travelling?

Take care of your passport with this passport covers that is personalised with your name printed on it. This new product in store will certainly be a favourite of yours with its faux leather texture and adorable name print design on it. 

Comes in 5 colours, each piece costs an amazingly reasonable price of SGD $9.90, all inclusive of the cover and name print. Choose from different designs to go along with your name.

Customized passport holder /cover with name printed
Personalized Passport Cover

The inside view of the holder and it can fits global standard passports.

Shows inside of passport cover and passport.
View of the inside, fits most passport type
This certainly makes a great gift for your loved ones and friends. They will love this and carry this on their next trip out of Singapore. Whether its for their birthdays, anniversary, or an encouragement gift, it will be something that they will appreciate you for.

Get yours customised here : http://bit.ly/PassportHolderPrint

If you like to take a look at this, come down to our gift shop at International Plaza, 10 Anson Road, #02-02, Sngapore. Its next to Tanjong Pagar MRT and is centrally accessible.

Cheers and hope you like our unique gift ideas in store!

04 April 2017

Personalized Keychains in Singapore

Are you looking for a unique gift idea?

At That Corner Shop, we personalized our in-store items with name embroidery or printing. We believe customized gifts speaks of your thoughtfulness to the recipients and it will certainly bring delight to them.
In this post, we take a look at our personalized keychains that can be embroidered with the names of your loved ones, friends or colleagues.

Keychains with name embroidery
Keychains with name
As you can see, the keychain can also served as a bag charm too. This is a popular gift idea that will be useful. There are many thread color for you to choose from. 

Keychains in different color threads
Colorful threads
We usually are able to finish processing fast, within a day or 2, depending on the quantity. This is a wonderful gift idea and it should fit your budget nicely especially if you need to gift to a larger group of people. We do give quantity discount on this, do contact us if you need to order in bulk, like for a class of students on Children's day or a farewell / thank you gift for your colleagues.

Take a look at our website here for more info about this : Personalized Keychains | That Corner Shop .

Hope you like this , we believe its really something nice that you can use personally as well, isn't it?

And if you like to take a look at the physical products, you can come down to our retail shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson road, Singapore. Its next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

03 April 2017

Personalized Cushion for Home and Decor Ideas Singapore

Are you looking for home and decor ideas for your new house furnishing? Or are you getting a house warming gift for your loved ones?

Check out our newly added gift idea in store:

Add a touch of luxury to your living room or bedroom with these adorable faux fur cushions. Our animal prints faux fur cushions are incredibly soft and silky to touch. Personalise it with an embroidery name, and it makes a great gift for most occasions.

Personalized cushion with leopard print faux furPersonalized cushion with leopard print faux fur
Personalized cushion with Cheetah print faux furPersonalized cushion with cow print faux fur
Personalized cushion with tiger print faux fur

  • Cushion Size : 33cm width x 33cm length 
  • 5 Animal Faux Fur Prints: Cow, Tiger, Leopard, Little Leopard & Cheetah.
  • Comes with polyester filling insert included.
  • Embroidery time: Usually within 1 working day
Our embroidery artisans have more than 10 years of experience each and you can rest assured for a quality work done. There is no minimums order, meaning, you can order one piece.

Check this out at our online shop here : Personalized Faux Fur cushion. We have many unique gift items in store than can be customized with designs and name, do check them out while you at the website. Please feel free to contact us as we do our best to serve you.

Our shop is located at International plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson road.

13 March 2017

3 essential items you need for your next travel trip

Travel van by the beach

Going on a holiday? Who doesn't love travelling? The yummy food, splendid natural sights, endless shopping, nice hotels, a different culture , all make for a unique and enjoying experience. 

What do you usually carry along with you trip? Whether you are travelling alone or with a group of people, there are definitely some useful essentials that we carry with us. We like to recommend some in-store items that we have that might be useful for your next travel trip to carry along with:

1. Denim Pouch
This pouch is can be printed with your personalized name or initials. Its is made of denim material and can be a large size stationary case or cosmetic pouch. I often used it to carry my medication as well. It is very handy and cool to carry around .

Denim pouch with name printed
Personalized Denim pouch
2. Luggage Strap

This personalised Luggage Strap is perfect for travel use. The name is embroidered onto the rainbow-colored Luggage Belt.  You can strap it around your luggage to help you easily identify your luggage when it comes out from the airport luggage conveyor belt. It also comes with a 3 digit numeric lock, which you can set to lock and unlock the strap. No more cases of mistaking other similar bags for yours.

Rain-bow luggage strap with name embroidered on it
Luggage strap
3. Toiletry Bag
This is a rather large size toiletry bag that can carry quite a fair bit of volume as you can see from the picture. Like-wise your name can be embroidered on the outside of the bag. Having this bag will be helpful, as sometimes you will need more personal toiletries than what the hotel will provide for you.

Many Toiletries in a bagblack Toiletry bag with name embroidered on its outside

These are also great travel gifts too for your friends and loved ones. Great gift ideas for birthdays or a simple appreciation or encouragement for them.

We process this in house quickly usually within 1 day. You can choose to have it deliver to you for a flat fee of $7 per delivery trip or can self collect at our store at International plaza #02-02, 10 Anson road, Singapore. Our online shop is www.thatcornershop.com , where you will also find many other items that can be personalized with name.


06 March 2017

Farewell gift ideas in Singapore

Picture of a clock
Not good bye, but see you soon
Someone said this: Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave, impossible to forget.

Farewell are part and parcel of our journey in life. Its inevitable and its hard not to be emotional about it. Whether its your graduation from school, or the parting of ways of your company colleagues or sending your best friend off the airport. Its some of our life's most emotional moments. All the precious memories of the relationship, the gratitude, fun and laughter, tears of joys..

Appropriately, you would want to give thanks for this relationship that you had with the person/s that you are saying goodbyes to. We like to suggest 4 gift ideas that are great for keepsakes and practical for your loved ones to receive from you. It will speak of your thoughtfulness in the selection of the gifts.

1) Keychains with name embroidery

These personalized keychains can double up as bag charms as well. If there is a good number of colleagues or friends that you like to make a gift for, we recommend this as one that you can consider. Each piece comes with their name beautifully embroidered on the keychain chain strap. This is great if you have many people to give at one go and have a tight budget to work with.

Cost: $7.90 each
Keychains with name embroidery

2) Denim Pouch

This pouch can be used as a pencil case or a cosmetic pouch. Its material is made of denim, thus durable. As you can see, we can customized print name/design /text on the pouch. We have many in-house designs for you to choose from. This is a best-selling gift in-store. 

Cost : $18.90 

Pouch with name printing customization
Denim Pouch
3) Teddy Bear

Who doesn't like this adorable soft-toy? Maybe its your boss or colleague who is leaving or a classmate who is leaving for overseas studies. We think that this teddy bear with its message/customized name print on it is a fantastic idea. Be creative on how you want to personalize on the tee-shirt print.

Cost: $32.90

Personalized bear with shirt printed with name
Teddy Bear

4) Sofa cushion

These cushions is huggable and seats well on the sofa. We have many in-house designs for you to choose from or you can come out with your own simple layout of design and text like the following. Yes we can do chinese characters as well. Whoever received this farewell gift will surely always remember you all who gave this to him or her. Don't you think so?

Cost :$32.90

Farewell gift - cushion with name printed on it
Sofa Cushion
We have many other gift ideas at our store, you can visit us at www.thatcornershop.com. Otherwise, you can come to our retail store at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore.

We customized each gift pretty fast, Most are done within a day of your order. you can do self-collection at our store or have it deliver to you at a flat fee of $7 per trip in Singapore.

We hope you are able to gather and find a nice farewell gift in this post. Thank you!

28 February 2017

Best photo gift ideas - Flip Photo

Check out the video : ) Amazing isn't it.

Can you imagine putting this somewhere at the display shelf or hanging it at the wall of your home. This will be a great keepsake memory for you and your loved one for many years to come. Your friends who visits your family will also be wowed by it.

We will need 2 high resolution photos from you. Do upload at our website here : Personalized photo gifts or email us.

Protrait orientation of this is more advisable. If you want to do landscape, the picture printed will be smaller and there will be white space around the picture.
Flip photo of 2 picture changing when one moves to the left or right.
Flip Photo

This is indeed a good couple gift, or for wedding or anniversary gift idea. :) You can be creative and do a before and after photo too or  from young to older picture transition.

Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, Singapore, if you need to come by and take a look. Thank you and wish you a blessed day.

16 February 2017

Personalized Towel Embroidery Gifts in Singapore

Poster of Towels with name embroidery in Singapore
Personalized towel

We all have towels at home don't we? Won't it be fantastic if we able to differentiate which is ours by having our name on it? The only way is to probably have your name embroidered on it.

Embroidery services in Singapore for the man and woman on the street is still considered rare we believe. So we are really happy to help you embroidered names and designs on towels - like those you see from the picture above.

There is no minimum to this, meaning we are happy to do one piece as well.

We do carry different towels, so check out our collection here : Personalized Towel Gifts | That Corner Shop

Our towels are 100% cotton, so it absorbs water well. 

These also do make good gifts for many occasion such as birthdays, baby showers, weddings, anniversaries and other special dates. Lets take a look.

1. Wedding gifts for the couple
We have a few wedding theme template design for you to choose from. 

Wedding theme design printed on 2 beige bath towel
Couple towel
2. Birthday present for your friend
We can add a small line below the name.

Pink towel with design and text on it
Birthday gift idea

3. Corporate Gift
Perhaps you are looking for gifts for your company or school event. These hand towels are nicely wrapped up as per picture.

Towels gift with name embroidery and gift wrapped with ribbons
Alright, thats all for today's post, we hope you like what we have and that you find something useful. We do our best to process your order within a day if its a few pieces. But for larger orders, we may need a couple of days or more. Do check with us especially if you are urgently in need of it.

Our retail shop is at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. It's next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. 

09 February 2017

Valentine's Day Gifts Promo 2017

Valentine's Day sales poster 10% Off selected products
Valentine's Day 10% OFF Promo

Valentine's Day is only days away. Are you still looking for gifts for your loved one?
Do visit our website: www.thatcornershop.com for gift ideas!
We are happy to give a special Discount of 10% off all the products found in the Valentine's Day Promo collection ONLY.  Please apply the following Discount-Code : VDAYSALE at check out to get your discount. You will see the sales poster once you visit our website. Simply click on it. :)
*This Offer is between 8 February(4pm) -14 February(1159pm) 2017 only.
*Once you enter the discount code at the checkout, a 10% discount will automatically be applied to the selected promo items. 
*Promotion is not applicable to other product not found in this Valentine's Day Promo collection page.
More than 15 items of our store are on promotion sale, so do hurry before it ends. Here are some sampling of what you could possible be getting.
Heard of couple tee, how about one set for the personalized towels as well?
Personalized Towel with name embroidery by That Corner Shop
Personalized towels

We like to wish you a lovely date this coming occasion and hope you find the gift that you like as well. We recommend gifts that are personalized as it will make it special and unique to the recipient. :)