25 May 2012

Graduation Gifts

Welcome to That Corner Shop, a personalised gift shop in Singapore since 2006.

This is a season of graduation in tertiary institutions. If you are looking for gifts for your loved ones or friends, please take a look at our top 3 graduation gifts below. They have personalized design themes that are appropriate for the occasion.

1. Sofa Cushion
Our sofa cushion comes in different colors for you to choose from. We have many in-house embroidery templates for you to select. Yes, you can customise the cushion cover with the recipient's name and add a simple congratulatory message below.

Personalized pink cushion with penguin design and name embroidery by That Corner Shop
Customised Cushion at $32.90 with Embroidery of Name and Design
2. Teddy Bear

Ok, so everyone is giving a graduation bear. It's like a must-give item. What's so special about ours? Well, you can customise it and let the picture and words speak for you :)

Personalised Graduation Bear with pink shirt and personalised text
Lovely Teddy Bear with Encouraging Message and Name

3. Bath Towel

You would probably love this bath towel too. Many of our customers get this as personalised gifts for their loved ones. Towel is a practical everyday item. Looking at the congratulatory messages on the towels will remind your loved ones of their accomplishments and brighten up their faces. We have 3 different sizes of towel for you to select.

Personalized Bath Towel with name embroidery
Personalised Bath Towel with Congratulatory Message and Name

At That Corner Shop, we specialize in personalized gifts. We have a wide selection of gifts that will sure bring a smile to your loved ones who are graduating.

For more graduation gift ideas, please take a look at our online store: Personalized Graduation Gifts | That Corner Shop .

We usually process your order quite fast. For example, if you buy the above three items at our shop at the International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903, they will be ready for collection in a day's time. The most convenient option is to make your purchases online and pick them up when they're ready. You may also request for delivery at $7 per trip.

Happy Shopping, and wish all graduates Happy Graduation and success in your future endeavours!

(Updated September 2017)

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