05 September 2012

Personalized Children's Day Gifts

Looking for Children's Day gifts for your school students or children? Why not consider getting them something customized and practical for everyday use?

At That Corner Shop (a personalised gift shop in Singapore), we seek to deliver unique and practical gift ideas for you. In this post, we would like to recommend some popular gifts for children that our customers really likes.

The top 4 gift ideas for children are:

1. Zippy Purse

It's a zip... No, it's a coin purse! Actually, it's both :)

This coin purse is made up of one long zip. It is very sturdy and can last for many years of reasonable use. You can wash it after it becomes dirty. Most importantly, it can be embroidered with the names of your children/ students. 

Priced at $8.90 each, the zippy purse can carry cards, coins and notes. Your students or children will be instantly overjoyed when they get these amazing and colourful presents!

Unique Purse made of a single long zip
One zip becomes..

Blue coin purse With name embroidered on it by That Corner Shop
a Zippy Purse
Amazing, isn't it?

2. Zippy Pouch

We have a bigger size pouch which students like to use as pencil cases. They come with embroidery of names so that your children can identify their pencil cases easily especially if you are giving them out to the whole class. There are many, many different variety of colours for you to choose from.

The kids will really love this unique gift. It's also washable and designed for durability.

Pink Zipper pencil case with name embroidered on it
Personalised Zippy Pencil Case with Name at $12.90 each

3. Keychain or Bag Charm

The following is our ever popular personalised keychains.  These can be hang on the children's bags or pencil cases. If you are a teacher, you can consider getting these personalized key tags for the whole class. Please contact us at edmund@thatcornershop.com or 9271 5622 for bulk order offers.

Personalized Keychains with name embroidery on it
Customised Keychains with Your Students' Names at $7.90 each

4. Denim Pouch

This denim pouch is a good big-size pencil case that can be customised with our in-house design and text:

Personalised pencil case with prince design
Personalised Pouch with Prince design and name

Denim material pencil case with princess and name print in pink
Customised Pouch with Princess design and name

Do make your orders early, as we can get pretty busy when the date for Children's Day comes near. For your convenience, you may purchase at our online store to save you a trip to our shop. If you are buying in bulk, do contact us for discount offers. Where possible, we will be pleased to help you out according to your budget. 

Our gifts are all personalised according to your needs and they will surely be one of the most memorable Children's Day gifts your students/ children ever receive.

If you wish to visit us to see the physical products, we are located at the International Plaza (beside Tanjong Pagar MRT station), #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903.

Thank you for dropping by our blog. Do visit our online shop for more gift ideas that you may be interested in. We have many unique gifts that are interesting and affordable :)

(Updated September 2017)

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