10 October 2012

Personalized Aprons as a gift

An apron is a piece of outer protective garment that covers the front body of a person when wore on properly. Its usually use when one is cooking or doing some artwork to prevent the inner clothings from getting stains or dirts.

As such, its usually an essential piece of item to have for chefs or artists or for one who needs to cooks in the kitchen. Its therefore a nice and thoughtful gift to bless someone with a apron that has his/her name on it, don't you think? 

In today's post, we at That Corner Shop, Singapore will like to showcase some of the aprons ideas that were previously purchased by our customers. This is to give you some ideas as to what you could print on the aprons via the decoration method of embroidery. We have 3 colors in stock for a full length body apron : Black, white and maroon red.

First of all, you can order the aprons through our online shop here: Personalized Aprons Singapore | That Corner Shop

We will introduced to you some of the popular designs for our aprons. (These designs are our embroidery template design found at our online shop page link above)

Personalised Apron with name and design embroidery
 This is code E-139 :  Isn't this quite a delightful design?
Note that the font for the 2 lines of words can be different, so are their thread colors.
Personalised Apron with name and design embroidery
E174 : This is by far the most popular design for the aprons.
For line 1, its basically up to your imagination.

Personalised Apron with name and design embroidery
E-174  again, to give you an idea that you really could
write anything to suit the recipient's  title.

Personalised Apron with corporate logo
This is a customized order for a local bakery shop.
Definitely a good idea as a couple apron:

Personalised couple Apron with name and design embroidery
E178 & E179
Another customized piece for the couple at home.

Personalised Apron with embroidery
This is cute!

Personalised Apron
Yes, artists wear aprons too.
If there is no need for a design to accompany the words,
 you can do the same as this.

Personalised Apron with name and design embroidery
E-4: This for the queen at home obviously..
Ok, that's all for this post, hope you like our various designs idea for the apron that you are thinking to buy for your loved ones or colleagues. There aren't many shops in Singapore that help you print apron with a minimum of 1 piece, but we do. And we do it pretty fast, it takes at most 1-2 days of wait. Its done by embroidery, meaning that the print will last as long as the apron itself if not longer. Trust us for a quality embroidery work. We have been at it since 2007.

If you need to see the apron before ordering, our retail shop is at International Plaza #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore. Its next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Once again, its helps you to save time when you shop online with us. Happy Shopping and hope you get a apron that you like!

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May I know if you have any other colour of the apron besides black and red?

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Thank you!

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