08 October 2012

Personalized Bath Towels with designs and name embroidery on it.

Dear Customers,

For many years, we are glad to offer your personalized gifts services and one of the most popular item in store is our bath towels. On each towel, you can print a name with designs on it via embroidery. As we are able to provide on the spot services at our kiosk at Suntec City, you can collect your item after 1 hour of waiting during off peak seasons(provided you are ordering 1-2 pieces). Even if you have more pieces, its also just another 1-2 days of wait. If you ask around at other shops, it could take as long as 1-2 weeks as many out sourced their embroidery work. As we have been in the embroidery work for more than 5 years already, we know our stuff and do trust us for a good quality embroidery work on the towels on any other gifts that you may buy from us.

In this post, I thought I put a few pictures on some of the designs that our customers put on their towels so that you may have a good idea how they turn out in embroidery. Before that, I thought its good for you to know that we sell different sizes and colors of towels and that you can see and buy them online here:

In the order page you can also see that we have different designs , fonts and thread colors to choose from.
Here is the link for the : Embroidery designs | That Corner Shop

Ok here goes some of the towels that were bought by our Customers previously. I put in the embroidery code designs to help recommend some nice ideas for you.

E1 and E2 :The most popular and wonderful design is the
Prince and Princess one!
E3 and E4: The second has to go to the
Kings and Queens at home.

E176 : Our Love animals designs, this is a popular one
for the love birds out there

E113- Let's just say that any lady out there will like flowers.
Notice that you can put any small one-liner below the name. 

E164: The rainbow is a reminder of God's covenant with man.
Who doesn't like to see rainbows?

E70 : Chinese name above English one.
This is quite a popular one for those who doesn't want pictures above names
E130 : I must say the face designs are adorable
and some like this one is good to celebrate occasions!

E111 : A more formal and 'neutral' design for the recipient.
Once again, note that you may put small one liners message below the name.

E45 : We have quite a lot of animal designs.
Just so you know, this dragon is a top favourite for kids.

E34: Our cute animal designs are definitely good for adult recipients too.
Anyway, this is how it will come to you when we pack it in plastic wrapping.
E119 : If you need a better packaging. it will cost you
 an extra $2 to have it with a clear plastic box and a ribbon on.
Ok that's all for this post, hope you have some new ideas for what designs to put on the towel. These designs can be used for other products such as cushions and aprons. Do look up our main shopping website and have a great time there. Here's the link once again:

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