21 January 2013

Personalized Birthday Gift Ideas

Green Bath towel with embroidery of name, design and birthday messages
Personalized Towel with design and name embroidery as birthday gifts

Birthday Gift Ideas here:

Are you looking around for birthday gift ideas in Singapore? There are many shops in Singapore where you can buy a gift for your the next birthday party you are attending, but not many offers personalized gifts. Still, fewer gift shops offers embroidery services for gift items.

Thus, we welcome you to come to our shop That Corner Shop, where we offer personalized gifts that are embroidered. We have many posts in this blog introducing to you various items for all year round occasions. We have a retail shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. Its conveniently located next to Tanjong Pagar Mrt. If you like to see and feel the physical items, you may travel down to find us.

Moreover, we also have an online shop www.ThatCornerShop.com where you can make your purchase online. After you make the purchase, you can either self collect at our store or have it deliver to you at a fee of $7.00.

Alright, enough of introducing our shop. Now, in this post, we like to recommend you many of our popular birthday gift items bought by many of our customers. Just presenting to you a few first, and we will have more coming up in later posts.

1) Denim Pouches
First up, we have this denim material pouch that can be used as a pencil case, cosmetic pouch, or whatever you want to use it for to keep stuff. Its pretty big in size and you have many designs choices to print on it with the recipient's name.

Denim pencil case with personalised print by That Corner Shop
Denim Pouch with customised print

2) Aprons
If your loved ones likes to cook, bake or are paint artiste, this apron with their names on is a ideal gift. We have adult and children sized aprons in different color. 

Black Apron with name embroidery and party girl design
Apron with embroidery
3) Cushions
The price of each cushion is $32.90 with the cushion fill, removable cushion cover and the embroidery or printing on it. Its about 35cm x35cm big, and its good to put on the sofa!

Black cushion with name print
Words are more than enough
4) Teddy Bear
Soft toys such as teddy bear are usually a favourite gift of many people, who doesn't like to have one? Especially one with their name on it:

Beige Teddy Bear in blue shirt with name and birthday message print design by That Corner Shop
Teddy Bear with Birthday message
These are just a few of our in-house designs for the prints on the items. To see more, you can go to our website and click on the above products and see the available designs.

Do note that we help you to personalize your gifts, meaning that you can customized any names or messages. If you have some special designs that you like to print on such as photos you can do that too.

What nice birthday gift ideas for us in Singapore, isn't it?


Updated February 2017

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Pranav Jain said...
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nikli said...

Can i request the 50x50cm (20x20") cotton cushion cover, without the inner..?

How about the price..?
I want three pieces.