20 May 2013

Personalized Anniversary Gifts in Singapore

It's that time of the year when the date draws near to your anniversary with your loved one and its time to start hunting for an anniversary gift for him or her. 

Whether its a first year celebration or a 50th year Jubilee, I am sure you can find a suitable gift from us at That Corner Shop. We have been specializing in making gifts that are personalized with messages or names on items such as towels, cushions, teddy bears that make great presents.

In this post, we like to share with you some ideas from what some of our customers had ordered from us recently. Here goes:

1. Teddy Bear
We like this couple teddy bear idea, you can place it in you house and fond memories of the date will be remembered. Who doesn't like this soft toys, especially with the name printed on it. :)

2 Customized bears with anniversary messages and customised names by That Corner Shop
Teddy bears at $32.90 each with personalized print.

2. Sofa Cushion 
This sofa cushion is a customer favourite as one can prominently place it at the sofa daily. You can either have embroidery or print design like the one below.

Personalised Red cushion with embroidery
Red Cushion with personalized print.
3. Bath Towel
This Bath towel is a practical everyday item that's both useful and unique, since its embroidered with personalised text.
Personalised Towel for anniversary
Personalized Towel

4. Aprons
Do you and the other half likes to cook or bake? This will be a great addition to your next cooking activity together. We have lovely couple designs such as the one below for you to choose from :

Personalised Aprons with gold colour embroidery work
Personalized Aprons
5. Couple Tee
Yes, how can we not have this. We especially like this simple but meaningful design below. Really cool isn't it? How long have you all been together? :)

Black adult tee shirt with customised print.
Coupe Tee
These are but some sample ideas for you to have an idea to choose from. Be it embroidery or personalized prints, we have template designs for you to take a look at the product pages in our online shop here: Personalized Gifts | That Corner Shop

Should you need to take a look at the physical items, do visit us at our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore, next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Thank you!

Updated February 2017

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