30 July 2013

Our personalized Zippy pouch and bags

Our Zippy range of pouches and bags has always been popular from the start as its uniquely constructed and will surprise any recipient with its original creativity. Furthermore, we are able to embroider a name on it.

Take a look here and its prices:

Zip becomes purse
Its make with just a single long zip!
Creative isn't it?

Coin purse and pencil case with name printing
Zippy Purse good as coin purse at $8.90
Zippy Pencil case at $12.90

Coin purse with name embroidery
You can add a key tag and attached to the purse or pouch.
Keytag: $7.90
People from all ages love the unique quality of this gift as we are quite sure you won't find it sold in many places. Children will especially like this gift, so you can consider getting one done for them on occassion such as Children's Day, Christmas or birthdays :)

Other than the above two pouch, we also carry bigger size hand and sling bags. All are made from one long zipper, and can also be embroidered with name. At the moment we are offering special discounts on thesse bags only:

Collage of bags in banner
All Bags are embroidered with a name of your choice.
Prices are subjected to change and whilst stock last. So do hurry if you like get one of this zippy bags. As they are made in one long zip, you can unzip the bag after use and roll it into a small palm size bundle and keep it away. Its especially good as a extra travel bag.

We have a online store where you can make your purchase too for the zippy bags.

We normally process your orders very fast within a day.

Shop with us today! :)


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