24 July 2013

Personalized Teachers' Day Gifts

Looking for Teachers' Day Gifts for your beloved mentors or school teachers?

At That Corner Shop, we are able to offer a wide range of gift ideas that are personalized to suit your needs. Our personalized products are usually very practical items such as pouches, towels, aprons and will be useful for the recipients  Take a look at some of the top 5 ideas for Teacher's Day gift products that we offer at our store:

1. Denim Pouch
Denim pencil case Customized with name
Denim Pouch $18.90 
This denim pouch is very popular because its big sized and can be used for a variety of practical usage. Examples its recommended to be used as a pencil cases, cosmetic pouch or to keep the small things in life. Yes we can print chinese words also, so you can get it for your chinese teachers as well. 

2. Desktop Bar
This is a desktop name plate bar. We engraved your teacher's name on the plate, so that he or she can proudly placed it on their desk. The logo on the left is customisable, meaning you can send us a design and we will engraved it for you.

Desktop name plate with personalised name displaying Best Teacher
Desktop Name plate Bar
Good for teacher to place on the desk

3. Aprons
If you know your teachers like to cook, bake or do art painting, this will be a good gift. Get a apron for your home economics or art teacher will be useful. They will not accidentally take other's people apron as all since this will be customised with their name on it:

Apron with name an design embroidery by That Corner Shop
Get your teacher an apron if she loves to cook or bake.
Adult Apron 
4. Bath towels
Ok, by now, you should see that our recommendations are generally very practical everyday gifts. This includes the bath towel with name embroidery work. Our in-house artisans have more than 10 years of embroidery work experience. So you can expect beautiful work on this bath towel and other gift items. Well, you might considered getting one for yourself too :D

Blue bath Towel with customised name for Teacher's Day Gifts in Singapore
How about a towel from the whole class?
5. Keytags or bag charms
Ok, so you are the only one who bothers to buy a gift for your class teachers and you have a budget. Or there is just a couple of classmate who is willing to share the costs with you. Why not consider this key tags that can double up as bag charms also. Have your teacher's name embroidered on it :) If you are buying in bulk, please contact us to see we can give you a discount coupon to go with it.

Many Keytags strap or bag charms with name embroidery
Keytags with name embroidery

You can placed order for any items either at our shop or online. And yes, these are just 5 out of the many items that we have at our shop. 

Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, next to Tanjong Pagar MRT. While our online store is at this link here: Personalized Gifts | That Corner Shop

We normally process your orders very fast within a day or two mostly. Nonetheless, do order early to avoid disappointments :)

Shop with us and surprised your teachers with a personalized gift printed with his name :)


(Updated February 2017)

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