05 August 2013

Personalized Children's Day Gifts in Singapore

Children's Day is coming soon and we are sure many of you are looking for gifts for your children or students. Well, what's better idea than to have your presents personalized with your children's names on them? 

At That Corner Shop, we have many different customised gifts that you could possibly choose from. Take a look at some of the top gift items our customers have purchased from us:

1. Denim Pouch
This denim material pouches will be printed with the beautiful names of your children/ students. They are practical big 28cm x 15 cm pencil cases that be used to hold lots of everyday stationery. 
Pencil case made of denim material
Customized denim pouches, 
large-size pencil cases popular with children

Stationary case with personalized name
Personalised pouch with name printed on it, $18.90 each

2. Hand or Sports Towel
These hand towels will be embroidered with the names of your children in the colours that you choose. They are useful for children to wipe their sweat after exercise or sport trainings. With their names on the towels, your children need not worry about mixing their towels with their friends'. 

Personalized towel with embroidered name and gift wrapped beautifully
Personalized hand towels with names embroidered on them: $13.90 each

3. Teddy Bear
Most children like soft toys such as teddy bears. Our bears can be customised with the names of your children and/ or your encouraging messages for them. This will certainly speak volume of your thoughts for them. Children's Day is really a good time for you to affirm your children/ students before their year-end examination. Don't miss the opportunity! We have two sizes of really cute teddies for you to choose from:

Small Teddy bear with name print
Small personalized teddy bear key chains at $12.90 each

Large Teddy bear with blue shirt
Big customised teddy bear at $32.90 each
3. Key Chains or Bag Charms
Most of our teachers who need to buy for their entire class of students will get these key tags. They can also double up as bag charms. Each piece is $7.90. 

If you are buying in bulk quantity and have a budget to work with, do drop us an email at edmund@thatcornershop.com or message/ phone call at 9271 5622 for further discussion. Processing time may take up to a week for bulk orders during this peak period before the Children's Day. 

If it's just a few items, we should be able to finish them in a couple of days' time.

Many Key chains with names of students embroidered on it.

One of our most popular Childrens' Day presents - Personalized key chains at $7.90 each. 

Colorful threads on keychains
Attractive embroidery thread colors to choose from.

4. Zippy Purse/ Pouch
This is our customers' all-time favourite. Firstly, do you know that each pouch is made up of one long zip? So you can unzip it all the way into one long string and zip it up again. Just imagine yourself doing this presentation to your students or children. Their amazing look will be priceless. The pouch is pretty durable and can be used for many years. Once it becomes dirty from frequent use, it can be washed too.

The zippy pouches are available in two sizes. The small purse can be used to keep cards, coins and keys while the large one can be used as pencil case. It will be a hit with your children:)

Zippy pouches with names embroidery by That Corner Shop
Our ever popular personalised Zippy Childrens' Day Gifts
Purse: $8.90 each
Pencil Case: $12.90 each

For your shopping convenience, our retail store is centrally located at the International Plaza (right next to the Tanjong Pagar MRT station), #02-02, 10 Anson Road, Singapore 079903. You can take a look at the full range of our products in the store.

Alternatively, you can visit our online store here: Personalized Gifts | That Corner Shop . We have more products for your selection.

Order your Children's Day gifts with us today. Our experience tells us that children love getting presents with their names on them.

Happy Shopping :)

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