03 January 2014

Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day 2014

Blessed New Year to you!

Valentine's Day is upon us in a month and a half time and its never too early to look for the right gifts for your special loved one.

In this post, we will like to show what some of our customer's has bought in the past so as to give you an idea of what you could possibly personalized.

1. Bath towel with name embroidery

Bath towel with name customization
Towel with personalized name and
 message of your needs.
2.. Teddy Bear
These soft toys are simply cute, isn't it?

Towel and Teddy bear with name printing
Personalized teddy bears
3. Sofa cushions

Black Cushion with custom printing in Singapore
Customized cushion design
That's all for today's post, do look forward in the coming days for more ideas to make your Valentine's day this year a special one.

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Otherwise, you could also visit our retail store.


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