23 January 2014

Personalized Kids Backpack

New Product in store!

Welcome to 2014 and some new exciting new products is coming your way. In this post, we will like to introduce to your a new series of backpacks design for kids!

Puppy bag with name embroidery
Kids Back Pack
This personalised kids puppy backpack is cute and comes in 2 fun colours. Kids can put small things in their live into this fun backpack. When carry over their shoulder, this personalised backpack with their name embroidered looks gorgeous. The sling length is adjustable perfect for growing kids of all heights. They would love to wear this personalised backpack out on their play day or to school. 

Backpack Size : 37cm width x 27cm height

Note : This bag size is for Kindergarten kids and younger
Note : The personalised names design embroidery is done behind the dog face flap, so the dog face flap will cover the names, giving the child their names privacy.

You can purchase this item online or at our retail shop.

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