19 February 2014

Personalized Birthday Gifts

There is always a birthday occasion ever so regularly that we have to attend. Sometimes, it gets harder to think of new items to buy for that loved one of yours. At That Corner Shop, we will like to help you with some items that we had in store that can be made for the birthday boy or girl on their special day. Our items are all customizable with the imprint of names and messages.

Here are some popular items that our customers had bought from us previously:

1. Teddy Bear
Teddy bear with pink shirt
Its a cute  Teddy bear
2. Sofa Cushions
We have in - house design for you to choose from. The text can be customized too.

Sofa cushion with embroidery work
Cushion with embroidery design and name
3. Bath towels

Towel with name printing
Personalized Towel
We are sure that your loved ones will like to have one of these :D

These are just some items and designs that we have. You can visit us at our shop. Please note we only accept cash at our shop.

You can also visit our online website www.thatcornershop.com and make purchase from there. You can pay via credit card online. We have a lot more personalized gifts for your selection. 


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