20 February 2014

Wedding Gifts in Singapore

Attending a wedding occasion soon?

Other than giving a traditional angbao gift, you may still need to buy some gifts to bring along. At That Corner Shop, we specialized in customizing gifts with names and messages for different occasion, and in this post we like to show you some ideas for wedding gifts that our customers have bough from us in the past. We are certain that this will cheer any newly-wed couple up :)

1. Bath towels for the couple

2 blue towel with embroidery
Couple Towels
These are some of the most popular embroidery design. Elegant right?

2 towel with embroidery for wedding gifts in Singapore
E7: Just married design

2. Couple Teddy Bear
Likely won't go wrong with soft toys :)

Couple Teddy Bears with printing
Love Bears
3. Sofa Cushions

Cushions with wedding designs
Cushion for the new home
Wedding design on cushion
We can do chinese as well
Hopefully, we are able to bring some fresh ideas for your next wedding event that you are attending :)

Do come by our online website here for different product ideas: Personalized Wedding Gifts | That Corner Shop . Alternatively, you can find our shop here.

Hope you have an enjoyable shopping with us.


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