29 April 2014

Mother's Day Gifts in Singapore 2014

Mother's Day celebrations is upon in a couple of weeks on the second Sunday of May. As such, we are sure some of you are looking for gifts to bless your lovely mum with. In this post, That Corner Shop would like to show you some top gift ideas of what you can possibly customize for your dear mum.

1. Desktop name plate bar
Desktop name plate bar with laser engraved words in Singapore
Desktop Bar
Takes at least 2 days to process.
You can write any words you like.
2. Sofa Cushion

Pink Cushion cover embroidered with words
Personalized Cushion for the sofa
3. Teddy Bear
Yes, mums likes soft toy too.

Teddy Bear with name printing
Personalized Teddy Bear
4. Denim pouch
A big sized pouch that can be used as pencil case or cosmetic pouch

Denim Pouch with name print as a gift
Denim Pouch
Big pouch for cosmetics or stationary.

The items that you see are all customizable meaning that you can change the wordings of the items. We have different images or designs that can be printed onto the items. All these you could find at our online shop here: Personalized Gifts | That Corner Shop . Purchasing online is recommended as it will save you travelling time to purchase from our kiosk.

We have been in retail operation since 2006, and you can trust us for a good and swift turnaround.

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