14 April 2014

Nice Anniversary Gifts for the couple

In this post, we will like to show you some past orders of anniversary gift ideas for the couples that we have done in the past.

 At our store, we can specially embroider/print names and/or special messages for this special occasion on items such as towels, cushions, teddy bears and such. Be it an wedding anniversary, courtship anniversary or special dates of the year, we recommend you our services to remember this very important day of our life.

Here are some items you could personalized in our store:

1. Bath towel
Towel with embroidery in Singapore
Personalized Towels
2. Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear with customized prints on pink shirt
Cute Teddy Bear with 
These are just a couple of items that are possible for personalized prints from our store. We hope you are able to find a suitable anniversary gift from our store. Our online store has been around for a good number of years,  and you can visit it here : Personalized Anniversary Gifts | That Corner Shop

Otherwise, you can visit our retail shop. Turn around time is usually within a day depending on which item you are ordering. 

Thank you for browsing our blog. Cheers!

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