01 May 2014

Personalized Aprons in Singapore

Personalized Apron with name embroidery
Heat print on Apron

In Singapore, there will always be time when some of us has to cook or do some baking at home . If you are looking for some gifts for your loved ones, you could consider making a personalized apron for him or her. We are sure that anyone who has to work in the kitchen will love to don an apron with their special imprints on. 

In today's post, we show you a few aprons that our customer has ordered before. We have done many designs before and its possible that you can get creative with what you need and have us the convert the designs to be printable. Otherwise, you could also choose from the set of designs that we have designed for the aprons.

Currently, we carry 3 colors of full length adult apron in black, maroon and white. You can either choose to have embroidery done on it or through printing.

Personalized Apron with name embroidery
Embroidery print
Personalized Apron with name embroidery Singapore
Customized designs template available on our webstore

We also carry kids size aprons in electric blue and dark pink colors, they cost $36.90 each. Do check out out aprons section at our online shop at www.thatcornershop.com. 

Finding a print shop to help you with personalized aprons is pretty hard in Singapore. At That Corner Shop, we are pleased to offer this service. If you like to have a physical look at our items, you can come to our retail shop.

Hope you like our products and services.


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