16 July 2014

Cute Personalized Teddy Bear gifts

Customized Tee shirt on  Teddy Bear
Customized Tee shirt on Teddy Bear

Looking for a gift and not really sure what to get? Why not get a teddy bear? We believe most people will love to get a teddy bear soft toy as a gift because they are simply adorable and what's more? At That Corner Shop, we are able to do a print of name and special message on the bear shirt and wow you get a personalized gift! Importantly, its at an reasonable price of $29.90 inclusive of the bear, shirt and print! 

Ok now that we got you excited, let's take a look at what other customers print on the shirt:   

Red Shirt on Teddy Bear printed with Samuel
As simple but elegant name pattern

Teddy Bear with customization of words by That Corner Shop
Good design choice for a group gift

Teddy Bear with personalized brithday text , wearing white shirt
For Birthdays!

2 Teddy Bear with anniversary text printed on it as a gift
Or how about for the annual  Anniversary gifts?
You need to get something special right? 
Ok, so how do you go about getting this cute bears? Firstly, you can choose to buy this off our online shop here: Personalized Gifts Singapore 

Or you can come by our retail shop at International Plaza, #02-02. 


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