15 July 2014

Get a shoebag that is personalized!

Have you ever seen a personalized shoebag before?

Well, you just found one shop that does it here in Singapore! : )

A lot of people has a shoebag, and sometimes it might be difficult to differentiate them especially if you keep them together.  Which is why we thought its a great idea to have it personalized. At That Corner Shop,  we can do embroidery prints of a name identity on the shoebag which we carry in house. And you can choose from the design that we have. Each bag cost $28.90 inclusive of the print.

A couple of shoebag here in this post so that you have an idea :

Black Shoe bag with customization
You can have it with a simple design

Black Shoe bag with personalized embroidery in singapore
Or just words!

You can purchase at our online shop. Our models of shoebag will change from time to time, so do note this is a blogpost, so do have to go to our online website to see the latest offering :)

Alternatively, you can come to our retail shop. All info here.


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