11 November 2015

Customize a Tee Shirt in Singapore

White colored tee shirt with dog picture prints on it
Simple photo print on the tee shirt.
Looking to print a customized tee shirt? We can do this for you and the minimum is just one piece! Yes you can print just one piece of tee shirt with us. Each tee shirt with a simple print is from $24.90 onwards. Send us your design via email to sales @ thatcornershop.com to day and let us advise you. Please ensure your photo are high resolution, not blur when you blow it up on your computer monitor screen. If its blur and small on your computer screen, then it will not make a good print. You can gauge it with the file size as well, normally 1 MegaByte(MB) and above should be fine.

Shirt Size range in stock:

Currently, we have kid sizes romper and children tee in white color only. 

For adult, we have from XS to XXL in black and white colors only. 

Our tee shirts are 100% cotton round neck range.

Alright, take a look at some of the tees we print in the past. So basically we can print full colors for pictures/ photos or single color for words. 

Tee shirt with picture print $24.90
Picture print on the tee shirt.
 Please ensure your file is high resolution for a good print

Personalized text on shirt
You can think of text and we can print it for you this way.

T shirt is cool with customised design
Simple is cool too.
So why not customized a tee as birthday gifts or Christmas gifts for your loved ones?

For for more infomation , please visit our online shop here: Customized Tee Shirts | That Corner Shop . There is a delivery charge of $7 if you need us to send to your address. Otherwise, you may collect it at our shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road.

Thank you for dropping by our blog and have a enjoyable shopping experience !

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