07 March 2016

Easter is coming!

Easter is coming and its a time when Christian celebrate in remembrance of what Jesus Christ has done for them on the cross. Its also a time where there will be giving of gifts to appreciate each other, whether its in church or family.

In today's post, we will like to share with some suitable Easter gifts that you could give to your loved ones.

This denim pouch is a practical gift that a lot of stationary due to it big size and also its material can last long with a cool look. We have different design template for you to choose from, and you can print any text on it, The price is $18.90 inclusive of print on one side. If you want to print double side, its $5 more. There are different color print such as gold, pink, white and more.

Personalized name print on Denim pouch
Personalized Denim Pouch $18.90
The teddy bear is cute and you can't go wrong with this soft toy as a gift. There are also different in-house template design print.

Customized Shirt printed with Faith, Hope and Love
Teddy Bear with shirt print $32.90

We have 3 different sizes of towels for different needs. This are handtowel as shown. And its certainly a nice and affordable gift at $13.90 with an elegant name embroidery included.

Name embroidery customized on towels
Name Embroidery on handtowels

We will further posts on ideas that are suitable for Christian gifts. We have more gifts at our online shop. Please take a look at our website.

Our retail shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02 should you need to come and see the physical gifts.

Thanks for dropping by and God bless you!

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