28 March 2016

Get a luggage strap with your name

Rainbow color luggage strap with name embroidery
Personalized Luggage strap
$29.90 each with name embroidery
Most of us who travels with luggage would normal tag them with some form of personalized tag for easy recognition. Its no surprise that someone will have a similar if not exact same luggage as yours. someone might just mistook your luggage for his when it passes on the conveyor belt or at a busy transit point.

To prevent that, its good to have a personalized tag like our colorful luggage tag that can be embroidered with your name or any text you like. In addition to to this, our luggage tag also comes with a added pass-code security function on it.

This also certainly makes a good gifts for your loved ones who travels. 

For more info, please visit our online shop. We have many other gift ideas that are nice for birthdays, anniversaries, and other occasion too. Do check them out on our web.

We are located at International Plaza, #02-02, should you need to collect your items or come by to look at the physical items.

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