06 May 2016

Customize Tee shirt Printing in Singapore

Black Tee Print

Are you intending to print a tee shirt with your customized text or designs? At That Corner Shop, we can help you print without any minimums. Yes you heard that right, we can help you to print even one piece at a affordable price of $24.90. The price includes the shirt and one-sided printing size of within A4 size. We can either print single color or full color. Do communicate with us your needs by either calling us or emailing us.
Model wearing Personalized White Tee shirt with name print
White Tee Print
Colors of shirt available : White and Black
Size of shirts available : XXS to XXL
Sizing is : Men's Cut

Take a look at what some of our customer bought in the past:

Personalized Black Tee shirt with name print
We have some inhouse designs for you to choose from

Personalized black Tee shirt gift
You can be creativ for the words

White Tee shirt with dog picture printed on it
Color Print on shirt

White tee shirt with customized baby photo print on it
Photo portrait on shirt

Personalized White tee shirt gift with customized print
Text print on shirt
As you can see this is what customizing a shirt is for, its to show your personal touch and creativity to be giving or wearing a specially deisgn shirt for yourself or friends. Its definitely going to be unique and special. This is also a goof gift for your loved ones for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversary etc. 

If you like to order , please visit our online shop. We have this and lots of other customizable items that will bring you good gift ideas too.

So yes go on and be as creative or simple as you like on the design, email us if you are not sure. We have been doing this for many years and hope we can help you. Please note that we don't do silk screen though.

We are located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.
Do check back for regular updates on our blog, we are on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram too.


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