05 May 2016

It's Mother's Day soon

Every second Sunday of the month of May, we celebrate Mother's Day.

I remember from young, we will gather as family to celebrate this significant day on the year's calendar. It significant because Mum and child relationship is one of the most precious relationship that we will experience in our life. We have this life-long tie with our mum because she is the one who is there from the very beginning when we are conceived.

She is the one who has to go through labour pains. She is the one who feed us when we are hungry and clean us up when we messed things up as babies. Growing up especially in our adolescent years, she is probably for many of us the main care giver, the one who educate us , the one who nurture us with loads of loves and patience. I remember the times I rebelled as a teenagers , often denying her orders and wishes, yet at the end of they day she is still there for me and caring for me. She still is and I am forever grateful.

We probably come to appreciate her the most when we leave the home to start our own new families, when we have our kids and go through the same cycle of raising them. We can then have a more complete picture of all the sacrifices that a mother has to made. Kudos to them.

Being Asian, we treasure our families a lot and in a traditional way, we would often get gifts and bring the older folks out for a good meal. The thoughtful mum will always counsel us not to spend the money unnecessary, but deep down inside, I am sure they are very happy to have us next to them and look at us and feel proud of their own children.

This Mother's day, let's show our love and appreciation to our mums by being with them. Whether its spending quality time, bying gifts, doing acts of service, giving words of affirmation or expressing your love physical touch as expounded by author Gary Chapman on the 5 languages of Love. The bottom line is, we each have our own unique mum and she has only so many children on this earth, so let's do our part not just for this day but also for the rest of our life on a regular and consistent basis.

Have a good celebration!

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