11 May 2016

Nice Anniversary Gifts Singapore

Personalized Couple Tee Shirts Gift
Couple Tee design
$24.90 Each

Hi there, that time of the year has arrived where you are planning to celebrate an important anniversary with your loved ones. At That Corner Shop, we specialized in printing and embroidery work. Hence we are able to do personalized names and designs on many different gift items such as towels, cushions, teddy bear, tee shirts. These are nice practical gifts that you can consider customizing and giving.

Like for example, the couple tee shirt above is $24.90 each, and you can be creative with your design to celebrate the special occasion.

Why customized a gift? Simply because its unique and one of a kind. Its not easily available off the shelf and many of the products and ideas you see from our store are unique. 

Take a look at what some of our customers has customized before: 
This is a set of teddy bears and towels:

Teddy bear cost : $32.90 each inclusive of printing.
Towel cost : $13.90 each onwards 

Personalized Anniversary Gifts with customized prints
Teddy Bear and Towels
The following is a cushion at $34.90 each, and suitable for you to put on your sofa. We have different pictorial template designs for you to choose from to go along with any text/names that you want to print with .
Personalized Couple Cushion Gift
Personalized Cushion at $34.90 each

Personalized Cushion with couple themed design
Print your anniversary date

We have more ideas, so pls come bookmarked us or follow us on social media. Our shop name is That Corner Shop.

Do visit our website where you can see more product ideas

Our shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road, if you need to come by to take a look at our gifts.


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