22 August 2016

Wouldn't your teachers love to have this?

Teachers Day is coming soon, and you might be thinking of getting gifts for them to appreciate them.

At That Corner Shop, we have many gift items that can be personalized with your teacher's name. Popular gift items are personalized towels, cushions, teddy bear, denim pouches and more.

In this post, we continue to recommend to you some of the gifts that our customers has bought from us in the past:

First up, this is a teddy bear that can have it shirt printed with our template design and texts on it:

Personalized teddy bear with name print
Personalized Teddy Bear @$32.90
These are handtowels with name embroidery on it. Its $13.90 each and its classy with the embroidery.

Personalized Handtowel with name Embroidery
Handtowel with name: $13.90 each

This is actually a pouch make up one long zip. Yes you can unzip the whole thing and its a long zip and you can zip it back and it becomes a pouch. Its durable and can last many years. Recommended to for use as a pencil case or cosmetic pouch. It comes in many many colors for your selection:

Personalized pink Zippy pouch with name printed on it
Zippy Pouch with name : $12.90 each
This is a name bar that one can placed on the desktop. You can design on your own and email us the layout of your text and graphic. Please note its laser engraving onto the name plate, so there is no coloring of the engraved area.

Personalized Name Bar with name engraved on gold plate
Desktop name bar : $46.90 each

Alright, this is all for this post. You can be creative on what you want to give your teachers isn't it, more options as compared to off-the-shelves product. importantly, our pricing is affordable for you to purchase it along or share with your friends.

Check out our website here : www.thatcornershop.com for your purchases.

Otherwise, you may also visit us at our shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. Its right next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Bring a cheer and encouragement to your teachers !

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