06 October 2016

Personalized Kids Bag

 Every kid will own a bag or a number of bag, if you are a parent or elder looking for a bag to buy for your kids, Why not get one that's has their name embroidered on it? 

We have 2 types of kids back pack. The personalized kids puppy backpack is cute. Kids can put small things in their live into this fun backpack. When carry over their shoulder, this personalized backpack with their name embroidered looks gorgeous. The strap length is adjustable perfect for growing kids of all heights. They would love to wear this personalized backpack out on their play day or to school. The other design is the normal regular shape school type backpack which comes in yellow & grey color together with the other pink & orange color option. 

Blue Puppy kids Backpack Size : 37cm width x 27cm height
Note : This bag size is for Kindergarten kids and youngerNote : The personalized names design embroidery is done behind the dog face flap, so the dog face flap will cover the names, giving the child their names privacy.

Personalized Blue puppy bag with name embroidered on it
Blue Puppy Bagpack

There are many template pictures to go along with the kid's name. You can choose from our template file. At $34.90 with the name and picture embroidery, this is pretty reasonable for a gift for your kid.

Personalized Kids bag with name embroidered on it
Kids Backpack - Pink and orange
For this model, we have two different colors.

Personalized Blue puppy bag with customized embroidery on
Kids Backpack - Yellow and grey

If you like to purchase it, you may go to our online shop here : Personalized Kids Backpack | That Corner Shop . There are also many other items that are great personalized gift ideas for birthday celebrations and other important occasions.

Our retail shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. Its next to Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Thanks for reading our blog, hope you find the gift that suits your purposes.


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