14 November 2016

Do you cook at home?

Personalized Denim apron with name embroidery
New Product in store:
Personalized Denim material Apron
Adult Apron Size : 58cm width x 86cm height (Pocket at left chest & at waist level) 
Neck Strap : Adjustable Length Type
Material : Denim material

Price : $59.90

In Singapore, we enjoyed a convenience of food restaurants, food courts, hawkers, deliveries to satisfy our hunger for good food. The choices are clearly many, and there are indeed lots of different cuisines that brings delights to us.

Nonetheless, the trend of cooking up home dishes or baking cookies at the comforts of home can sometimes be surprisingly enjoying too. Never mind the after washing that needs to be done, think about the souls thats going to accompany you and praising you for a dish well cooked. There is a certain allure that home cooking brings. Health is certainly one of them, you certainly can control what goes into your stomach, less oil, less salt..

What it maybe, home cooking or home baking is still going strong in our culture despite the multitudes of food places that surrounds us. 

At That Corner Shop, we specialize in embroidery, printing and laser engraving on different gift items. For today's post, we will show case some of the cooking apparels and items that we have.

The following is a standard apron that comes in black, white and maroon color. There are designs template that you can choose to go along with the text and name. Each standard apron cost $36.90:

Personalized Maroon Apron with name printed
tandard Apron with name embroidery
This chef hat is $18.90 each, with name embroidered on it:
Personalized White Chef Hat with name embroidered on it
Personalized Chef Hat

These ladle is made of wood, and laser engraved with the name at the end of it, $26.90 per set.
Personalized Ladle with name laser engraved at its end
Wooden laden with name engraving

At That Corner Shop, we may have some kitchen or baking wears that might be helpful to go on for your next cooking or baking session. Take a look at our online shop here : Personalized Aprons | That Corner Shop .

Our retail shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. We welcome you to visit us.

Enjoy cooking!

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