02 November 2016

Personalized baby and children gift that they will love

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Elmo Sing Your Name!

Hear Elmo and his friends on Sesame Street sing and speak to your child over 60 times throughout this one of a kind CD. It will be an instant hit that they will listen to over and over. Watch their face light up as they hear their name sung and spoken by Elmo and the rest of the original Sesame Street cast. You have to hear it to believe! 

This is surely a great birthday gift for your kid or one to encourage them to love their name! If you are attending a full month Birthday celebration of your nephew, nieces, or that of your friends' kid, this is a great personalized gift to get for them.
Track Listing:

1) Glad You’re Here (Dialogue)
2) Sesame Street Theme Song (Song)
3) Sing and Dance (Dialogue)
4) Tingalayo (Song)
5) Do What Elmo Says (Dialogue)
6) Ta-ra-ra-boom-de-ay (Song)
7) Enough Resting (Dialogue)
8) Sarasponda (Song)
9) Very Silly Word (Dialogue)
10) ABC-DEF-GHI (Song)
11) You’re Very Smart (Dialogue)
12) Transylvania 1-2-3-4-5 (Song)

13) Elmo Has an Idea (Dialogue)
14) Readers of the Open Range (Song)
15) Dancing Shoes (Dialogue)
16) Happy Tappin with Elmo (Song)
17) Our Own Party (Dialogue)
18) Splish Splash (Song)
19) All Cleaned Up (Dialogue)
20) One Fine Face (Song)
21) Singing with You (Dialogue)
22) Elmo’s World (Song)
23) Elmo Says He Loves You (Dialogue)

Elmo Sing your name CD image
Personalized Music CD with your child's name

This personalized song CD is currently only selling on our online store only at $35.90 each. Please visit our online store here : Personalized Song CD | That Corner Shop . You will be able to have a large list of names to select from for your child. Hopefully you are able to choose the exact one or one that has the closest sounding one.

Our store is located at International Plaza, #02-02 Anson Road, next to Tanjong Pagar MRT, Singapore.

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