06 December 2016

Unique Christmas Gift ideas

Personalized Zip Purse with name embroidery
Personalized Zippy Purses
Thanks for dropping by our blog. At That Corner Shop, you can many different personalized gift ideas,

This season, our post will be more focus on Chstimas gift ideas. Many of you will be looking to get a gift for a good number of your loved ones. However, you might be on a budget, so in this post, we will simply showcase our most popular gift items which are priced affordably. These are zip purses and pouches that are made of one long zip, meaning you can unzip the whole purse or pouch and zip it back. Yes its made of one long zip:

Blue zip purse unzip into one long zip
Zip it up
And don't worry, its made of good quality zip and one can last for many years. I still have mine working well after almost 10 years.

The zippy purse can carry your small changes and also cards that you use daily. All for $8.90 with name embroidered on it. Yes, isn't this a unique gift that's really affordable? It comes in many nice color combination for your choosing!

Like wise, the following pouch is a bigger version size that can be used as a pencil case. And it cost $12.90 each with name embroidery.

Personalized Zip Purse with name embroidery
Personalized Zippy Pouch

Interesting isn't it? For more infomation, pls come to our online shop here at www.thatcornershop.com . There are other sizes of zippy bags as well for your choosing.

Our retail shop is located at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road. We welcome you to visit. 

Cheers and have a Merry Christmas!

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