16 January 2017

Celebrate your anniversary with these gifts

Teddy Bear with blue shirt printed with customized text
Teddy Bear
Is your special anniversary with your loved one approaching ? If you are looking for a unique and personalized gifts for him or her, you have landed on the right page. At That Corner Shop in Singapore, we are a gift shop that carries many items that you can take into consideration while hunting for this year's gift. 

In the 5 languages of love, giving gifts is one important area. So one will want to put in special thoughts to this.

In this post, we take a look at some of the items that we have that you can specially customized for your loved one. The teddy bear is a soft-toy gift that will no go wrong and we can print special text, designs or even pictures on the shirt as you see above. There are a number of template designs that we have in-house, so you can take a look.

The following is a sofa cushion and we have suitable couple type design for you to choose from. We have in-house embroidery artisans to do the embroidery on it for you. Each of us have 10 years of experience in embroidery.

Blue and red cushions with personalized name embroidery
Sofa Cushions
Nowadays, more and more people likes to get their hands on cooking or baking, so a set of apron might come in handy for you next cooking date.

black and white couple aprons
A bath towel set with the following design template is also popular with our customers who are looking for anniversary gifts.
Bath Towels embroidered with names
Bath Towels
If your parents are celebrating their wedding anniversary soon, any of the above items will be a nice surprise for them too. 

Our retail shop is at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson Road.

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