13 March 2017

3 essential items you need for your next travel trip

Travel van by the beach

Going on a holiday? Who doesn't love travelling? The yummy food, splendid natural sights, endless shopping, nice hotels, a different culture , all make for a unique and enjoying experience. 

What do you usually carry along with you trip? Whether you are travelling alone or with a group of people, there are definitely some useful essentials that we carry with us. We like to recommend some in-store items that we have that might be useful for your next travel trip to carry along with:

1. Denim Pouch
This pouch is can be printed with your personalized name or initials. Its is made of denim material and can be a large size stationary case or cosmetic pouch. I often used it to carry my medication as well. It is very handy and cool to carry around .

Denim pouch with name printed
Personalized Denim pouch
2. Luggage Strap

This personalised Luggage Strap is perfect for travel use. The name is embroidered onto the rainbow-colored Luggage Belt.  You can strap it around your luggage to help you easily identify your luggage when it comes out from the airport luggage conveyor belt. It also comes with a 3 digit numeric lock, which you can set to lock and unlock the strap. No more cases of mistaking other similar bags for yours.

Rain-bow luggage strap with name embroidered on it
Luggage strap
3. Toiletry Bag
This is a rather large size toiletry bag that can carry quite a fair bit of volume as you can see from the picture. Like-wise your name can be embroidered on the outside of the bag. Having this bag will be helpful, as sometimes you will need more personal toiletries than what the hotel will provide for you.

Many Toiletries in a bagblack Toiletry bag with name embroidered on its outside

These are also great travel gifts too for your friends and loved ones. Great gift ideas for birthdays or a simple appreciation or encouragement for them.

We process this in house quickly usually within 1 day. You can choose to have it deliver to you for a flat fee of $7 per delivery trip or can self collect at our store at International plaza #02-02, 10 Anson road, Singapore. Our online shop is www.thatcornershop.com , where you will also find many other items that can be personalized with name.


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