15 June 2017

Top Nurses Day Gifts Singapore 2017

3 Pencil pouch with name embroidery
Customized Gifts

Singapore celebrates Nurses' Day on 1 August each year. Some of us would have friends or loved ones who are nurses, or some of us may have received patient care from nurse that we are thankful for. Either way, when we think of how we can acknowledged their work and love for humanity, we can gift them something special to appreciate them.

In this post, we like to recommend some personalised items that they will love:

1) Zippy Pencil Case ($12.90)
As a nurse, they have to handle a fair bit of administrative work, so this pencil case will come in handy for them. It comes with their name embroidered on it and there are many colors for you to choose from. 

And yes, its a unique item that is a made of 1 single zip, its durable and can be used for many years.

Pencil cases with marker pens
Zippy Pencil case

2) Denim Pouch ($18.90)
This pouch is a big size stationary case or can be a cosmetic pouch. Handmade of denim material, it can be printed with the name of the nurse and some text to go along.

Pouch with personalised name printed on it
Customized pouch

Pouch with a lot of stationary in it
Pouch can hold much stationary
3) Sofa cushion ($32.90)
This sofa cushion with customized embroidery will be adored by the nurse. After he or she return home from a day of work, they can hug this as they rest and relax on the sofa.

Blue sofa cushion with nurses day custom embroidery
Sofa Cushion

4) Toiletry bag ($34.90)

This pouch is a large sized and can hold a good number of toiletries which maybe useful for the nurse as they might need to freshen up over the course of their work daily. You can custom embroider their name on it.

Toiletry Bag with name embroidery
Toiletry bag
Bag with a lot of toiletry
Can hold a lot of toiletries

5) Shoe bag ($34.90)
The customized shoe bag comes in 3 colors and will be useful for changing out of shoes after work.

3 shoe bag in blue, pink and brown color
3 colors of shoe bags

Shoe in shoe bag
Good sized bag

6) Bath Towel ($32.90)

Bath towel is a practical everyday item that they will appreciate. Especially when it comes personalized with their name on it. Its made of 100% cotton and absorbs water very well.

Towel with name embroidery
Personalized towel
Towel with name embroidery
Bath Towel

Hope you like our recommendations of gifts. We believe these are unique items that are useful and special. It will hold good memories for your loved ones or friends who are nurses.

If you like to see the physical products , please visit us at our shop at International Plaza, #02-02, 10 Anson road, Singapore. Otherwise, you can visit our online shop at www.thatcornershop.com. 

Thank you and have a great day!

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