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Dear Customer,

Thank you for visiting our blog for personalized gift ideas. That Corner Shop is a Singapore based retail company that specializes in personalized gifts since 2006. We have a retail shop at International Plaza and also a online shop, click the link : Personalized Gifts | That Corner Shop. You will be brought to our online shop where you can see all our gift items and purchase online securely.

Our popular items are personalized towels, cushions, T-shirts, teddy bears, etc, which you can see from the website. We have been a popular choice for these gift items because we are able to process them very fast. For example, we can complete a quality embroidery on a towel within a day of your order at our shop at International Plaza Singapore. Most retail shops will take 1 week to do so. Our items are also affordable.

Happy Browsing and feel free to contact us at edmund @ thatcornershop.com for any queries.

Our History:

That Corner Shop was founded in June 2006 by a group of adventurous young entrepreneurs.

From the start, we focus on bringing unique retail products such as Zip It bags, Stick On Sandals through our earlier retail kiosks. In our first year, we also discovered the unique needs of customers who likes to personalise their purchased items. Thus, we started offering embroidery, heat transfers and wood engraving services to further add value to our retail offering for our customers. And this has been a continuous draw of regular customers to our retail shop at International Plaza, Singapore.

Our Mission:

To provide the community a personalised offering of gift products and services that has unique quality, price affordability and speedy turnaround delivery.

Our Committment to Quality Service and Product :
All our individual products are below $50, with the core of it below $35, giving our customer price affordability for a unique personalized product that anyone will be happy to received. 

On a consistent basis, for customers who purchase single to a several items at our shop, we able to finish the personalization within a day of their order. This is in stark comparison to the general 1 week wait to fellow personalization shops in Singapore. This has always been one of our trademark:

Personalized gift. Affordable. Incredibly short waiting time.

Our Corporate Value:

1) To Inspire - encouraging, or making someone feel that they want to do something (adjective)

2) To Innovate - to introduce changes and new ideas (verb)

3) To have Integrity - the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles that you refused to change (noun)

Updated January 2017


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Clouds Huang said...


Do you guys do personalised DSLR camera strap?

customized birthday gifts said...
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Thatcornershop said...

We have started selling the personalized DSLR camera strap since early this year.



Aeron said...

Hi, do u have customises mugs and car decal?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I don't want to have a personalized bear but do you have any plain ones either with wording of 'Missing You' for small bears. How much is it ?